Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MACCTI?

MACCTI is a new online learning service designed specifically to meet the needs of employers and employees operating within the newly legalized cannabis industry. MACCTI promise to deliver world-class training to all participants in the industry to ensure the highest possible standards of integrity, responsible usage, public safety requirements and compliance with the law.

What courses do MACCTI offer?

MACCTI offers an online Responsible Vendor Training Program. More courses are coming soon so please keep checking in.

Who are the courses for?

This course is aimed at any professionals who have roles that directly handle or sell marijuana. Our course is particularly suitable for those who require flexibility and freedom in accessing professional education.

Does the course meet the Massachusetts annual training requirements for the cannabis industry?

Yes, our course meets all the Massachusetts training requirements as mandated by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission requires all persons working in the area to complete a Responsible Vendor training annually.

How much does the course cost and how can I pay for it? 

The Responsible Vendor Training Program costs $150 per participant. Frequent discount offers are available, and we also offer group discounts, please reach out to discuss further at [email protected].  Payment can be made by credit card. For group bookings we can invoice the employer and will accept payment by credit card or bank transfer.

How long does the courses take?

The course will take approximately 6 hours to complete. In order to achieve high levels of completion rates learners will receive email communications about their course progress (or lack thereof) and updates from the industry.

What will the course cover?

This Responsible Vendor Program consists of 6 modules. The content includes

  • The cannabis industry in Massachusetts
  • Marijuana and Its Effects on the Body
  • Checking Identification
  • Safe Sales: What You Need to Know
  • Running a Marijuana Retail Establishment
  • Health, Safety, and Accountability


What is the technical requirement to complete the course?

You will need a computer, tablet or mobile phone with email and access to the internet. Everything else you need for the course is provided though our integrated learning management system, which is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Do I need a high level of computer skills to complete the course?

No. The course is very user friendly and the skills necessary are quite basic and easily learned. We will be available to provide any technical assistance you need during the course.

Can I begin the course immediately?

Yes, you can begin the course as soon as you access the learning environment.

How do I buy courses for our organization as a group?

Please reach out to [email protected] to discuss numbers and discount options.  Click here to see how to complete the booking and set up your staff.


How long do I have to complete my course?

The course is self-paced and you can complete it at a pace that is comfortable for you. Typically, you will complete the course in 1 to 2 weeks.

I have purchased a course at what happens next?

Thank you for purchasing this course with You will receive by email, confirmation of your purchase, as well as a link to your “My Courses” page from which you will be able to access the learning environment. Make sure to remember the password you used when purchasing the course, as you will need it to access your courses via the My Courses page.

Before you can enter the course content, Massachusetts State law requires that you first need to complete the mandatory identity verification process. This will also prove your identity and allow you to receive your certification at the end of the course.

To complete this mandatory security step, you will need a state issued ID such as a driver’s license or state ID card. You will also need a computer, tablet or smartphone with access to a camera as a selfie will be required. Once you complete this process successfully you can then begin the course.

How do I begin my course?

This training all takes place online. There are some stipulations from the Massachusetts Cannabis Commission that need your compliance. The first is to prove your identity online.  We use a company called Bio-Sig to assist us with the identity check and we highly recommend you watch this video to assist you with the identification process. Further written instructions can be found in your course dashboard.

What do I need to register my account with Bio-Sig?

To register with Bio sign you will need a state issued ID such as a driver’s license or State ID card and a computer tablet or mobile device with a camera.

Please follow this Tutorial or watch this video

Is this the only time I will interact with the Bio-Sig Technology?

In total there will be several interactions with Bio-Sig throughout the course. You will however only have to register your account once.

Why are there several interactions with Bio-Sig within the course?

Taking these compliance courses online we hope provides more flexibility to you the customer. To adhere to strict recommendations by the Massachusetts Cannabis Commission we have to authenticate regularly within the learning environment. With this in mind that is why there are additional checks.

I have successfully completed my ID verification, what next?

You are ready to begin with your online course work through the content and complete the interactive quiz.   Please watch this video to see how to access the course and you can log in to your course via the My Courses page.

What is the first action I need to complete?

Once logged in choose your course and follow the instructions on the screen.

What can I expect within each Module?

Each Module is made up and not limited to, a series of interactive elements video and animations, problem – based tasks, information retention assessments at the end of short modules, and a multitude of other proven learner engagement scenarios and short quizzes to aid your learning. All elements must be completed to progress to the next Module.

What kind of support is provided?

We provide all the support necessary to make this online learning experience a success for you. An online response and help desk will be available via email, mornings only from Monday to Friday throughout the duration of your course email [email protected]. We will respond to any queries within a 24-hour time frame Monday to Friday.

I am having some difficulties accessing my Account. What should I do?

Please send a mail detailing the specific issue you are experiencing to [email protected]. If your query is out of office hours, it will be dealt with at the earliest opportunity. You should receive a response within 24 hours Monday to Friday.

What do I need to achieve to pass the Course?

You need to work through all the module content. There are self-check quizzes as you go through and on completion of all the modules there is a final MCQ 60 questions. You need to pass this quiz at 70% or above to get your certification. You will have an opportunity to take this final quiz multiple times.

When do I receive my Certificate of Completion?

Once you have completed the modules and passed the final quiz (70% pass), your certificate will be available to download from our website. You will need a hard copy of your certificate to be retained at your place of employment or attached to workforce applications and the Cannabis Control Commission may also be provided with an online record of learners and their testing status to ensure independent verification of any certified cannabis industry worker.

How to buy courses for a group?

You are able to select the Group Purchase option via the website and pay using your credit card. There are additional steps you will need to take to enroll your students.

Once you have completed a Group Purchase, it will allow you to create accounts for multiple users from your organization. To set up the users to take the course, you will receive an automated email from the learning platform. This will prompt you to click on Enroll Students. Then select Responsible Vendor Training in the Select Group dropdown, followed by Enroll User. You can then enter the details of the user you wish to set up by entering their first name, last name and email address. We will automatically notify them of their enrolment with an email confirming their credentials and a second email containing a link to access the course. For multiple users, these can be uploaded automatically via a simple .CSV file upload. For further information, please refer to the support documentation here.

Please reach out to [email protected] to discuss numbers, discount options, approach to group reporting and any additional help to support your needs.



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